Top 10 Advertising and Marketing tips to grow your business in the new year!

Top 10 Tips for advertising and marketing success.

Many people call us the Dallas SEO expert's because they see a positive impact on their overall business success, and that is because SEO is just a tool, like any other tool if used in concert with solid business logic, hard work and a plan that includes the business success metrics.

This is why we get to know our customers and ask the hard questions that most agencies don't even think to ask. Our formula for success includes using the power of the internet, but as a tool, not a solution or silver bullet. It takes a lot more than SEO to win in this new digital economy especially in this day and age of Amazon, Zappos , FARTS and Google.....

Top 10 keys to online success are really part of just the overall business plan, leveraging technology and the 3 billion searches a day to create a "DIGITAL culture" to maximize business wins.

1) VALUE: I am amazed at how many business owners can't answer this simple question. What is the lifetime value to your business of a NEW HAPPY CUSTOMER? If you can't answer this off the top of your head, you need to stop and figure it out as it will drive your success and thinking!

Example : An insurance agent can say I get paid a commission of $15.00 a month for a new client and my customers typically stay with me for 3 years, so that is $540.00 of value, but for every 3 happy customers I get 1 referral which is also worth $540.00 making the real LIFE LONG VALUE (LLV) of the customer $718.00

STOP NOW: And figure out your LLV, it will change the way you look at everything you do.

2) SET $ GOAL: It sounds simple but as many businesses that can't answer the LLV question do not have a real goal, or defined goal that drives the overall success of the business. If your goal is to generate $1,000,000 from online business all you have to do is take your goal/LLV/days so in the example above you would take $1,000,000 divided by $718 = 1392 and then divide that by days or time horizon. So if your goal is to make $1million extra revenue over 3 years you would divide by 1095 which would make it 1.27 new customers a day. This is very manageable, now that you have your LLV and a goal you can see how the next step will make since.

3) NICHE: Think do not have to win at everything you just need to a few times a day to get to 1 new customer. So do not attempt to create a strategy of getting 100 customers a day, that is costly and difficult, instead set your goals to get a few new visitors to your site a day and this is much more manageable for NICHE marketing.

Using example above: his client thought he should go after INSURANCE a very competitive word but with his $1000.00 a month budget he is going to have a hard time competing with companies spending $50k a day...but if this customer focused on a niche location, that has demand but low competition he might pick Medigap Insurance Rockwall Texas, it gets only 350 searches a month but our tools show it has much fewer competitors. So ranking on the top page of the search engines for this is more doable and could deliver enough leads to meet the goal. 

4) TARGET SMART: You do not have to be everywhere, but if you can determine what traffic sources fit your client voice the best then you focus on that. You may find that Facebook has older people and you are selling to younger people so optimizing for facebook would not be as wise a Mabey as pintrest. 

5) VOICE MARKETING: There are many platforms out there with millions of members that are not the big 3 so maybe focusing on more of a VOICE campaign would make more sense and provide a better ROI. 

Example: You may have a Family Friendly brand, and there are marketing platforms that are dedicated to family friendly like KLTY RADIO STATION in Dallas or the FAMILY APPROVED REAL-TIME Search,Social and Shopping , of crosswalk...these all have huge following and upside and may provide with a great ROI.

6) ARTLAB: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats #ARTLAB - Gone are the days of 1 winner, in the digital age companies and organizations that work together can become much more powerful and create a DIGITAL SYNERGY that you just can't create on your own and the larger the ARTLAB the better everyone will do. So the goal is not to only create an internal culture of digital success but one in your industry as well, with you as the catalyst or authority.

7) ASK FOR HELP: it is ok to ask someone else who is winning in the online space, you have something you can offer as well. Successful people like to help others, so it's ok to ask for will only make you stronger and remember you can't do it alone so the person you help can impact you as you can them #ARTLAB.

8) FOCUS: Stay focused on a few things and make them great. Too often entrepreneurs and business owners wet excited by the NEXT SHINY THING and lose focus on your goals or steps to success.

9) AUTHORITY: You want to position yourself as the authority in your niche and when you are asked for help GIVE FREELY as it will drive ARTLAB.

10) CELEBRATE: Celebrate small wins as they happen. This keeps you engages in the daily successes, helps you understand how they happened so you can course correct if there is something that might be working better than something else...allowing you to fine-tune the process for more and more wins!

11) Leverage tools like Semantic Authoring, Hootsuite and facebook ads to help kick start your success...

It is the wild-wild west out there and the rules are not set. Anyone or company can break out at any time and shake entire industries...success leveraging the digital world is out there you just need to make a plan and work it.

You need to understand these plans are not crafted and executed over night. you will need to allow for appropriate time to see the plan through, and that is where most people miss it. They think they can just through cash at it and forget it, but that is not the case. It is a true culture change and if you want to win you will have to embrace and commit.

You can do it! Just don't give up.

Have a blessed day!

Jeff Cline


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