Cyber Liability Insurance Checklist

Cyber Liability Insurance Checklist

Overview Privacy, Security and Risk in Cyberspace


Top 10 Cyber Security Risks

1: Online and Internet Risks
 2: Who Can Look at Personal Information
 3: Phones
4: Hackers
 5: Phishing
 6: Spoofing
 7: Spam
8: Spyware
 9: Cameras, GPS, RFIDs and Tracking Devices
10: Privacy on the Internet
 11: Telephone Privacy
 12: Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging
 13: The Cloud…and Physical Devices

Identity Theft

Why ID Theft Remains Such a Problem
The Problems Caused By Existing ID Tools
The Mechanics of ID Theft
Securing Personal Data
Protecting People’s Identities
Insuring against Identity Theft

Human Factors/The Psychology of Cyber Security

What Is Security Online and in Cyberspace?
Trouble Can Happen to You…No Matter Who You Are
Family and Household Issues
Online Commerce, Auction and eBay Frauds
How Thieves and Predators Stalk Their Prey
Selfishness, Desperation and Vanity
Cyber Criminals Like to Move Fast
Thieves and Predators Groom Their Victims
The Internet Warps Peoples’ Perspectives

Banks, Financial Institutions and Personal Financial Information

 Financial Planning Security in the Internet Age
Financial Frauds and Swindles
How Online Commerce Affects Credit Scores and Ratings
Dealing with Banks and Credit Bureaus in Cyberspace
Data Mining
Data Brokers
Online Banking & Privacy
Investment, Business and Banking Scams
Mortgage Frauds in Cyberspace

Health and Medical Information

Medical Privacy & HIPAA
Medical ID Theft
Moving toward Online Medical Records
How the ACA and Other Laws Affect Personal Medical Data

Small Businesses and Cyber Risks
Business Formation and Partnership Agreements in Cyberspace
Leases, Landlords and Contracts with Parties You’ll Never Meet
Virtual Workers, Leased Employees and Contractors
Insurance for Business Cyber Risks
Computer Networks, Hardware and E-Commerce
Privacy in the Virtual Workplace
 Intellectual Property Assets and Rights

Sex, Stalkers and Personal Cyber Risks

Pornography, Internet Sex and Related Risks
Dating Sites, Russian Brides and Sweetheart Scams
Families, Children & Privacy Online
Building Barriers in a Cyber World/Some People Invite Trouble

What the Government Can—and Can’t—Do

Laws and Governmrnt Agencies that Protect You…or Don’t
Privacy & Government Actions
What Federal, State and Local Law Can—and Can’t—Do
How the Law Responds
Legal Bureaucracies
Questions of Jurisdiction

Terrorists and Political Risks

Terrorism in Cyberspace
 Hacking as an Act of War
Management of Political Risks Online
 How to Manage Asymmetrical Risks
When Cyber Risks Cross into the Physical World

Prevention, Cyber Liability Insurance and Hardening Targets

 Managing Hard-to-Insure Risks
Managing Online and Computer Crime Risks
 Red Flags and Black Marks
Changing Enterprise Cultures and Employee Lifestyles
What You Can Do….

Cyber Security Is a Mind-set and who to call for  
Cyber Liability Insurance